Salbini and industry events. Interior design fairs, visits to production plants and showrooms, travels, meetings and the Salbini Experience.

Visit to Porada in January 2023

Our visit to the Porada company which has been producing furnishings designed to last over time since 1948.

Porada makes quality and professionalism its foundations, creating elegant and excellent products for homes all over the world.

Visit to Porro in January 2023

Our visit to the Porro company in January 2023 to touch the clean lines, the geometric shapes and the functionality of the furnishings.

A clear and simple project, standing out for its essential and immediately identifiable language, with minimal signs, geometries, shapes, without forgetting its unique company philosophy: simplicity above all.

All Porro products are the result of a subtraction and derive from a progressive simplification process.

Visit to Riva 1920 in January 2023

Our visit to Riva 1920 in January 2023 to let our South Korean partners appreciate the production units, the Riva Center and the Wood Museum.

Riva 1920 combines craftsmanship and technology for the production of entirely made in Italy wooden furniture, whose longevity is essential for sustainable development.

Visit to EsaDesign in January 2023

In January 2023 we had the pleasure of visiting Esadesign to personally appreciate the style and materials used to create luxury mirrors.

Esa is the place where interior design becomes tailor-made, transforming the emotions of living the home in tangible and explorable realities.

Visit to MisuraEmme in January 2023

Our visit to MisuraEmme in January 2023 to discover the original creations, produced in Italy by this historic furniture brand.

MisuraEmme is able to offer furnishing lines characterized by a high degree of customization and conceived one-to-one with the customer, devising solutions in harmony with the different international contexts.

Visit to Giorgetti in January 2023

Our visit to the Giorgetti company in January 2023, to touch the latest furniture collections first-hand.

The tradition of Giorgetti goes back to more than 100 years ago when it started its activity in Brianza and it still forges ahead with innovation, conserving the patrimony of its experience in cabinet making.

Salbini Christmas Party 2022

Our party for Happy Holidays and to celebrate the end of another year of company growth.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our 2022 Christmas party was the right opportunity to spend a few hours relaxing and having fun, putting work aside.

A party with a DJ in a warm informal atmosphere that cheered up all the members of our big family…

It’s the magic of Christmas!

Special thanks to: Cinquanta – Spirito Italiano, Serena Pepe

Salbini Tour Australia October 2022

With great pleasure we spent three weeks in Australia: in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hamilton Island. Meeting old and new customers and friends is always a great joy for us.

Back to Australia

After the Salbini tour last march, a part of our Italian team travelled to Australia again this October, to meet our Australian managers, customers and partners for the second time in a year. Having this opportunity was very important to follow the development of our customers’ projects, and even more important was meeting some friends we respect and love.


The days spent in Sydney were very productive.

We discussed lots of important details for the ongoing projects. Having the occasion of helping our customers make the best decision for their homes is very important.

Hunter and co. October 2022

Hunter & Co.

We also visited our partner Hunter and Co., which offers a premium white gloves Removalist service and storage for our clients. It was an opportunity to discuss some progressing projects and have a look at some of our customers’ goods stored in their facilities.


In Melbourne we had the opportunity to visit some construction sites to define the details of some projects in process.


We spent a few days in Brisbane to define the details of David and Linda’s residential project, who visited us in Italy last June during the Salone del Mobile Milano 2022.


What a great Hamilton Island Experience!

After visiting Brisbane to take care of the details of an project in progress, during this Salbini tour we were guests of our clients David and Linda in Hamilton Island.

It was wonderful! It was our first time in this beautiful place, surrounded by nature.

David and Linda will carry out another project with us, right on this wonderful island and we are thrilled to be able to do it! It is so exciting to know new places and touch the places where our products will be used.

Meetings between friends

Not just business meetings. Visiting Australia allows us to meet some friends with whom we like to spend time in freedom.

Scott Wilson and Filippo Salbini with Richard Coen
Family evening. Scott Wilson and Filippo Salbini with Richard Coen.
Filippo Salbini and Jeff Lipman
Morning run by Filippo Salbini and Jeff Lipman from Bondy to Bronte Beach.

Filippo Salbini, Leon Kamenev, Ronnie Shulkin, Jeff Lipman and Scott Wilson.
A pleasant evening for dinner. In the photo from left: Filippo Salbini, Leon Kamenev, Ronnie Shulkin, Jeff Lipman and Scott Wilson.
Filippo Salbini, Shira Said, Scott Wilson, David Redfern e Linda Gorry.
Filippo Salbini, Sheira Said, Scott Wilson, David Redfern and Linda Gorry in the beautiful Hamilton Island.
Filippo Salbini and Scott Wilson with Nicholas Mosca and Frank Mosca
Aperitif time! Filippo Salbini and Scott Wilson with Nicholas Mosca and Frank Mosca.
Filippo Salbini with Ross Madden, Ben Smith and Katy Demos.
Ice cream break! Filippo Salbini with Ross Madden, Ben Smith and Kathy Demos.
Zana Pali and Mark Spinosa
Hi! Zana Pali and Mark Spinosa
Salbini Experience Denise and Hilton from Australia

Denise and Hilton are two of our Australian customers and we had the pleasure of accompanying them on a visit to some of our commercial partners for the selection of furniture products. 

Their residential project in Sydney is nearing completion and we at Salbini will supply appliances, joinery as well as furniture.

Welcome to Milan

Denise and Hilton flew from Australia to Italy in September 2022. In Milan they met our Manager Filippo, with whom they spent a few days in northern Italy to personally select some products and finishes for their home in Sydney.

The brands selected for this Salbini Experience

We visited production plants and showrooms of furniture, lighting, bathroom and outdoor products. We met business executives and consultants who detailed the characteristics and manufacturing of the products.

Denise and Hilton experienced first hand the quality of the following brands:

  • Alchymia
  • Baxter
  • Dolce e Gabbana
  • Edra
  • Exteta
  • Gallotti&Radice
  • MisuraEmme
  • Molteni
  • Paola Lenti
  • Riva 1920
  • Roche Bobois

With Salbini Experience we will open the doors of the best Italian companies to you.

Do you need to carry out projects with the best design products? Come to Italy!

Our Australia manager Vittoria Chiarilli is an Interior Designer. She has a small studio called Marly Hemisphere which operates out of Melbourne Australia.

She has been in Milano for the Salone del Mobile and then we interviewed her in Pagani.


She has always been artistic as a child.

“As a very young girl l would accompany my father to his work – he was a builder and l would find small objects on his building sites and make sculptures to take home and show my mum. I learned to sew at 14 and draft all my own patterns for clothes l made. I was happiest when l was creating and making things.”

Favourite design style

Some of her favourite design styles are: Neo Classic, Post Modern, Scandinavian, Midcentury Modern and Art Deco.

Functionality or appeal?

When asked if she prefers functionality or appeal she says she prefers to try to combine both.

“It means l can have something look beautiful but also importantly provide the client with an easy to use space that meets most of their needs

What are a couple of questions you’d ask to discover your client’s requirements?

Some of the questions she usually asks a client are:

  • what are you trying to achieve in the space?
  • are we using some existing items/furniture you have
  • how do you live in the space
  • Are you looking for locally made furniture or are you wanting to consider furniture manufactured overseas
  • And then most importantly what is your budget”

These are important questions to ask a client to begin a good collaboration.

Keeping up with industry changes and with the latest Interior Design styles

Keeping up with industry changes is at times difficult in a fast changing world.

“I try where l can to go to trade shows such as Salone del Mobile which often provide a great source of inspiration… I keep myself up to date with the latest design styles by following interior designers and architects on instagram and the internet that interest me.” 

It’s also important working in collaboration with other designers.

Imagine your client asks you to design a room in a way that is visually pleasing but not practical. How would you react?

“If they are just wanting a room/space to look beautiful and it be never used then we don’t need to be practical, but if the space is an area that is used frequently it is my job to highlight to the client the disadvantages of being in a space that is not practical.”

It’s important to create spaces that are thoughtful, reflect the client’s personality and ultimately give the client great satisfaction to move within these spaces.

When a client rejects all your design concepts

The design process needs to be a collaboration between client and designer and in order to achieve this successfully there must be a level of trust from the client.

“When a client rejects all my design concepts it usually means they have perhaps not chosen the right designer for their project. Initial meetings with clients are crucial, they establish if we will be able to work together and if there is a potential to clash.”

Vittoria Chiarilli at the Auditorium Theater in Pagani

Why Salbini for the supply of European design products?

Using a company like Salbini means that clients are dealing directly with an agent out of Italy. One of the benefits is that a customer can buy different type of products all through one agent

Moreover, “Things are done more quickly if there is an issue or drama.” Another reason would be cost saving. It’s all advantageous.

With Salbini Experience we will open the doors of the best Italian companies to you.

Do you need to carry out projects with the best design products? Come to Italy!