Salbini and industry events. Interior design fairs, visits to production plants and showrooms, travels, meetings and the Salbini Experience.

Visit to Paolo Castelli

We had the pleasure of accompanying our clients on a visit to the Paolo Castelli showroom for the Salbini Experience, exploring their exceptional interior design exhibition.

Paolo Castelli is an Italian company and a leader in the design and global contracting sectors, combining artisanal tradition with industrial processes while maintaining a meticulous focus on quality and detail.

We had the opportunity to closely admire the new collections of seating, tables, lights, and wardrobes. Each piece on display reflects Paolo Castelli’s dedication to excellence and craftsmanship, showcasing the skill and attention to detail that characterise the brand.

Visit to Vismara

We had the pleasure of accompanying our clients on a visit to Vismara’s headquarters for the Salbini Experience, exploring their production facilities and the extraordinary luxury furniture exhibition.

Vismara’s catalogue includes a wide selection of high-quality furnishings and accessories. Among these are cinema seating, billiard tables, motorised TV stands, sofas, bookcases, mirrors, vases, and lamps.

Vismara provides everything needed to create private game rooms and home cinemas, meticulously crafted down to the finest details. Additionally, they offer numerous accessories and decorative items in both classic and modern styles, adding an original and refined touch to any space.

Visit to Exteta in June 2024

We had the pleasure of accompanying our clients on a visit to Exteta’s headquarters for the Salbini Experience, exploring their production facilities and extraordinary furniture exhibition.

Exteta draws inspiration from the Italian art of living to create imaginative and beautifully crafted designs. Italian taste infuses every element, while the wisdom and experience of Brianza add strength to their vision of excellence.

Visit to Lema in June 2024

In June 2024, we had the pleasure of accompanying our clients on a visit to Lema’s headquarters for the Salbini Experience, exploring their extraordinary furniture exhibition.

Lema expertly combines innovation and tradition, making quality and customisation its strengths. The company’s strength lies in its exceptional manufacturing capability, which has allowed it over the years to blend the values of artisanal tradition with the most innovative technologies.

Every phase of production, from design to the final product, is meticulously curated thanks to a focus on quality and close collaboration with designers. Each piece on display in Lema’s showroom reflects this dedication, showcasing the brand’s excellence in every detail.

Visit to MisuraEmme in June 2024

In June 2024, we had the pleasure of accompanying our clients on a visit to MisuraEmme’s headquarters for the Salbini Experience, exploring their joinery and furniture exhibition.

In the MisuraEmme showroom, we were captivated by the harmony between innovation and modern design. Each piece on display reflects the brand’s dedication to quality and aesthetics.

Visit to Giorgetti in June 2024

We had the pleasure of accompanying some of our clients on an unforgettable journey through Giorgetti’s production facility and showroom, immersing ourselves in the perfect blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and the timeless elegance of Italian design.

The most fascinating aspect of our visit during this Salbini Experience was the guided tour through the production facility. Here, we had the opportunity to witness master craftsmen at work, passionately engaged in creating furniture that embodies the finest of Italian tradition fused with advanced production techniques.

Milan Design Week 2024

The quickening heartbeat, the palpable excitement in the air, and the scent of creativity that filled every corner of the city – that was our adventure at Milan Design Week 2024. A journey beyond the ordinary, where design and friendship intertwined in an unforgettable embrace, turning each moment into a profoundly meaningful and inspiring experience. 

A Global Union of Friendship and Collaboration 

In the bustling heart of Milan, the world came together in a warm and universal embrace. Beyond borders and linguistic barriers, a part of our Italian team, comprised of Filippo Salbini, Francesco Ferrara, Roberta Apuleo, and Alfonso Mellone, welcomed, gathered, and guided over 20 friends from every corner of the globe under the banner of friendship. Clients, designers, developers, and other industry professionals from the United States, Sweden, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, and China: an extraordinary map of friendship drawn in the colors of diversity. And then, on an enchanted evening, the frenetic rhythm of daily life paused, making room for a dinner illuminated by laughter, sharing, and genuine joy. A moment of pure connection that made tangible the universal power of friendship and collaboration. 

Salone del Mobile.Milano: Epicenter of Global Design 

Among the stands that dotted the Salone del Mobile.Milano, we embarked on a journey through the peaks of global design. Guided by passion and curiosity, we explored the extraordinary creations of industry-leading companies, each a precious gem in the vast crown of design. Every booth, a story to be told, an emotion to be experienced, and a heartfelt thank you for contributing to the beauty of the world around us. Accompanying our friends, we offered them an exclusive preview of the latest creations at the stands of our top High-Quality suppliers

  • MisuraEmme
  • Baxter
  • Lema
  • Exteta
  • Paolo Castelli
  • Francesco Molon
  • Vismara
  • Impatia
  • Rugiano
  • Longhi
  • Carpanelli
  • Boca Do Lobo
  • Tacchini
  • Miniforms
  • Molteni
  • Fiam
  • De Sede
  • Desalto

FuoriSalone 2024: Exploring Excellence in the Heart of Milan 

In the lively streets of Milan, we discovered the pulsating heart of design: sacred places where aesthetics and functionality merge in perfect harmony. We breathed in the very essence of Italian design, letting inspiration guide us on a timeless journey. Among the lights of the most prestigious showrooms, we visited the iconic venues of the most prestigious brands such as: 

  • Agape
  • Valcucine
  • Modulnova
  • Giorgetti
  • Amura
  • Rugiano
  • Boffi
  • Roche Bobois
  • Gallotti&Radice

The Grand Tour of Design: Discovering Excellence 

The pinnacle of our experience was The Grand Tour of Design, an epic journey organized with Atlas Concorde. On April 19th, we moved to Emilia Romagna for a guided tour of this extraordinary globally significant company. In Atlas Concorde’s grand showroom, we had the opportunity to explore their exclusive collections, admiring the greatness, professionalism, and enthusiasm that characterize this extraordinary company.

And as we all dined together, we strengthened the bonds of friendship and respect that unite us indissolubly.

But it didn’t end there: we then moved to Maranello for a tour of the Ferrari Museum. Here, we had an extraordinary experience, being able to admire not only Ferrari’s iconic cars but also trophies, Formula One cars, engines, and other breathtaking design gems.

Thank You for an Unforgettable Edition and a Preview of Milan Design Week 2025 

We sincerely thank everyone who made this magical adventure possible: friends, clients, and partners. Your support, companionship, and passion are the lifeblood that fuels our commitment to design.

With hearts full of gratitude, we eagerly await the next chapter of our story at Milan Design Week 2025. A new chapter of emotions, inspirations, and friendship, ready to be written with the same fervent passion as always.

Salbini Tour Australia February-March 2024

A journey through Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide: sharing projects, warm encounters, and new collaborations in the heart of Australia.

We’re thrilled to share the tale of our recent journey to Australia, an adventure that enriched our spirits and perspectives. From 23rd February to 16th March 2024, we had the privilege of revisiting four of the continent’s most vibrant and culturally rich cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

As an integral part of our annual calendar, this trip to Australia is a cornerstone for a segment of our Italian team.

During this visit, we passionately delved into exploring residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, both ongoing and completed, in which we are involved as suppliers.

Each encounter was an opportunity to draw inspiration and share ideas and perspectives for the future, thus enriching our pool of experiences.

But what truly makes this experience extraordinary has always been the opportunity to meet the exceptional individuals who animate our professional world. Partners, collaborators, agents, and clients are not just business contacts; they are friends, they are family. The warm welcome we receive in Australia has always been astounding, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

For us all, Australia is like a second home. Every time we return, it feels as if we are reuniting with dear old friends. The laughter, the stimulating conversations, and the shared experiences create bonds that transcend geographical boundaries.

We sincerely thank all those who opened their doors and hearts to us during this journey. Your kindness deeply moved us, and the memories of these precious moments will be etched in our hearts.

Looking ahead, we are filled with confidence and determination. This journey has been another remarkable chapter in our story, but we know that the best is yet to come. We look forward to returning to Australia and continuing to build together a bright and successful future.

Excellence in Form Women in Luxury Furniture Design

A Captivating Conversation with Giada Vismara on the Impact and Aspirations of Women on International Women’s Day

Half of the team at Vismara Design, a company based in Brianza, in Lombardy, northern Italy, specialising in luxury home entertainment furniture, are women. That’s why, in order to celebrate this International Women’s Day, we engage in a compelling conversation with Giada Vismara, the Sales & Marketing Manager, to talk about the status of women in the luxury furniture industry.

Crafting Excellence Through Unique Strengths

In the company she represents, the concentration of women is a deliberate and strategic choice, that stems from the belief that women bring unique strengths to both creative and managerial aspects of the luxury furniture industry. Despite prevailing clichés, women at Vismara thrive in collaborative environments, characterized by effective communication and superior problem-solving skills. Giada emphasizes the agility and practicality innate to women when seeking solutions, a trait crucial in meeting the demanding standards of the luxury industry clientele. In facing challenges, women seem to exhibit resilience, persisting until a comprehensive solution is achieved. Giada underscores the significance of these qualities in meeting the discerning needs of customers who demand exceptional quality and specialized assistance. Attention to detail also plays a special role, however, for Vismara and anyone working in this field, and Giada ardently asserts that women, by nature, surpass their male counterparts in this regard. Their ability to finely tune into intricate details positions them not only as contributors but as leaders in achieving excellence in the luxury furniture industry.

Women’s Rising Influence Across Borders

The remarkable prevalence of women in the luxury furniture industry is, therefore, not a mere coincidence but a compelling trend gaining momentum each passing year. Women are increasingly assuming pivotal roles, shaping the landscape of architecture firms and forming all-female teams within. This transformative shift is particularly prominent on the international stage, where encounters with women are more prevalent, not only in sales offices and showrooms but also in influential top management positions.

Women’s Mastery

While acknowledging the complexity of individual differences, an intriguing trend surfaces when exploring the dynamic between men and women in the luxury furniture realm. It appears that, in this specific domain, women exhibit a heightened sensitivity to interior design aesthetics, an enhanced dedication to customer service, and a flair for creativity. This nuanced observation challenges preconceived notions, illustrating the multifaceted strengths that women bring to the forefront. For Vismara this industry is unequivocally a very feminine world. Here, women not only excel but thrive, shaping an environment where their innate qualities contribute significantly.

“The promptness and concreteness in seeking solutions are typical of women, who do not falter at the first obstacles but strive to solve the problem thoroughly.”

Giada Vismara

Navigating the Gender Gap

In certain instances, the gender gap remains notably entrenched. Giada Vismara sheds light on this reality within her Brianza, the industrial hub where manufacturing leadership has historically been male-dominated. Despite strides, women in this business often find themselves navigating an arduous path, necessitating a threefold effort to attain parity with their male counterparts. And the manufacturing domain’s deeply rooted, established attitudes pose hurdles, requiring a concerted effort to instigate change. This reality not only impacts the current workforce but also risks deterring aspiring young women from pursuing careers in this field. However, only by recognising and addressing the complexities surrounding gender inequalities do we pave the way for a more equitable future.

A Shared Desire: Harmony in Equality

On this International Women’s Day, we resonate with Giada Vismara’s heartfelt wish for women worldwide. Her aspiration, shared by our collective voice, advocates for the fundamental principle of equality, urging that women be recognized as equals to their male counterparts in every professional sphere. As we celebrate the achievements of women and their indispensable contributions, it’s imperative to foster an environment where talent, expertise, and dedication transcend gender biases. The wish is therefore a collective effort to break down barriers, inspire positive change and create a world where the potential of every woman is fully realised and appreciated.

Christmas Party 2023

One Heart, One Family: The Magic of Christmas Embraces Our Salbini Team and Our Families.

Christmas has arrived, bringing with it the magic and joy that only the holiday season can bring. This year, our Christmas Party was the pinnacle of everything that makes this festive season special—an event that involved all internal members of our team, along with our wonderful families. It was a unique opportunity to set aside daily worries and immerse ourselves in a warm and informal atmosphere—a place of celebration with sparkling lights, festive decorations, and the unmistakable scent of joy in the air.

What made this party even more special was the enthusiastic participation of all our team members to celebrate the year spent together. Laughter, hugs, and lively conversations made the event unforgettable. Our company is not just a workplace; it is a true family, and this year’s Christmas Party was a tangible demonstration of that.

Fun for Everyone, Young and Old

We had the honour of welcoming the families of our precious colleagues, making the party even more special and inclusive. Children filled the atmosphere with contagious laughter, while adults enjoyed each other’s company, sharing stories and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Season’s Greetings to All!

In this festive spirit, we wish to extend our warmest wishes of Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you, members of our beloved Salbini community.

May the magic of Christmas bring joy to your hearts, and may the new year bring you unimaginable prosperity, health, and satisfaction. 

Thanks for being an integral part of our Salbini family. Together, we’ve made 2023 an incredible year, and we look forward to sharing many more unforgettable moments in the future.