Salbini and industry events. Interior design fairs, visits to production plants and showrooms, travels, meetings and the Salbini Experience.

Liu Jo Living Showroom

Liu Jo Living was born from the creative vision of the Liu Jo brand.

In September 2021, during our Salbini Experience by Tom Landry II, we visited the Milan showroom.

Cesar Cucine

Cesar kitchens are totally Made in Italy, guaranteeing an internationally recognized level of excellence.

In September 2019 we visited the production plant in Pramaggiore, in the province of Venice, which has state-of-the-art technologies: most of the processes are concentrated here, in order to ensure direct control over each component in every single phase of the process.


Our visit to the Minacciolo production factory with showroom in Borgo Verde, in the province of Treviso – Italy.

Luxury Living Group

Luxury Living Group designs, produces and distributes high-end Made in Italy furniture for international luxury brands.

In September 2019 we had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters located at Palazzo Orsi Mangelli, a splendid 17th century Baroque building in the heart of Forlì – Italy

Poltrona Frau Museum

Poltrona Frau was founded by Renzo Frau in 1912 and quickly became one of the most popular Italian furniture brands in the world.

In May 2019 we had the pleasure of visiting the operational headquarters and the Poltrona Frau Museum, in Tolentino (MC) – Italy.

Salbini Tour Asia 2012 2019

Our business trips to Asia, from 2012 to 2019. 

We are Salbini, we are Design Worldwide.

Australia is our main market but we have also grown in other markets, such as Asia. This is why our manager Filippo has also been in Asia since 2012.

That’s a very important aspect of our job, as customers feel more confident in this way.

During the trips he spent many days in strict contact with our agents and our customers.

We’re so happy to have reached this new market and gained new friends in Asia.




Salbini Tour: Australia 2012-2019

Our business trips to Australia, from 2012 to 2019.

We collaborate with architects, builders, designers, suppliers and customers, staying in constant contact during all phases of the projects, from the initial idea to the final realization, up to after-sales support. This is why a very important aspect of our business is the possibility to visit Australia regularly to discuss with clients about their projects. Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our manager Filippo has been many times in Australia since 2012, sharing sometimes this experience with our other Managers.

During the trips our team spent many days in strict contact with our agents and our customers. They feel more confident when they can discuss face-to-face with our managers. Moreover, a lot of them have become our friends thanks to these meetings. It’s a pleasure for us.

We’re so happy to have improved our business and gained new friends.

Australia feels like home to us!