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Our visit to the Itlas company in April 2022 allowed us to experience first-hand the high quality of 100% made in Italy wooden flooring and claddings, as well as “Progetto Bagno” and complementary decor items.

The Itlas collections were also highly appreciated by our guest, an important Australian interior designer, who visited the Itlas company with us, looking for products to use in his next projects in Australia.

In April, we were delighted to visit our partner Mastella.

A business meeting to give a chance to an important Australian interior designer to touch first hand the Mastella collection.

Such a successfull meeting that it has generated the beginning of a business relationship, and so as a consequence, a Mastella display corner will be shortly set up, in a very well known Sydney store, into a premium location.


The CEA collections embrace a wide range of products from the bathroom to the kitchen, from outdoor to ventilation, forged with skill and foresight in stainless steel.

We visited CEA in September 2021, during our Salbini Experience by Tom Landry II.

Tag Archive for: Bathroom