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Leather or Fabric Sofa

Decoding the Ideal Sofa for Your Living Area

If you’re contemplating the purchase of a new sofa or a change, the choice between leather and fabric can be daunting. Rest assured, ‘cause we’re here to offer expert guidance to ease your decision. Sit back, relax, and allow us to impart invaluable insights tailored to your needs. Let’s embark on this journey together.

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Sofa Harmony: Crafting the Perfect Seating Experience for Every Home

To determine the ideal sofa, start by assessing your living space. Consider the ambience and layout of your home. Let’s then see together how to make a choice that fully reflects your needs.

Family House

Selecting a sofa for a family-oriented home warrants strategic decision-making. We recommend opting for a durable leather sofa, which offers lasting elegance and comfort. We recommend dark colours such as black or chocolate, which retain their charm with age. Be careful with white, especially in families with young children, as it’s prone to staining. Make sure your choice aligns perfectly with style and practicality for a harmonious living space.

Temporary Home

If you’re furnishing a transient space like a studio or student residence, a fabric sofa proves a pragmatic choice. Should you yearn for leather, consider faux leather, mindful of its shorter lifespan. Embrace vibrant hues like yellow or red to infuse energy into the space. Yet, for practical reasons, steer clear of white. Your temporary abode can exude style and comfort with these insightful choices, ensuring your preferences align seamlessly with the dynamic nature of your living arrangement.

Sea House

When furnishing a seaside houese or any warm locale, eschew leather sofas. Leather, prone to heat in summer and cold in winter, can induce discomfort with a sweaty body. Opt instead for a fabric sofa, ensuring easy maintenance. Steer clear of capitonné due to dust accumulation, favoring seamless, single-block designs. In this and only in this specific case, simplicity reigns – fewer sofa components mean enhanced comfort, simplifying your coastal living experience with practical and stylish choices.

Essential Factors for Your Ultimate Comfort and Style

Selecting the perfect sofa also involves considering vital factors like comfort, durability, maintenance, hygiene, cleaning, and budget. Let’s go through these parameters for a choice that exceeds your expectations.

Discovering Comfort and Style with Ingenious Fabric Solutions

When considering fabric sofas, prioritize unparalleled comfort. If drawn to leather’s aesthetic, enhance it with a fabric slipcover, ensuring year-round coziness without sacrificing style. Fabric’s washability is advantageous, provided it has a removable cover, preventing odors and dust accumulation. Note that multi-piece sofas simplify cover reattachment, enhancing practicality. Explore ‘nanotech’ fabrics for water-repellency, resisting liquid stains and minimizing washing time.

Embrace Durability and Effortless Charm with a Quality Leather Sofa

Opting for a leather sofa promises longevity, surpassing fabric counterparts when of exceptional quality. These sofas resist dirt, requiring only a beeswax dust collector for routine cleaning. For stubborn stains, a damp cloth with mild nutro soap suffices. Embrace the assurance of enduring quality, and relish the ease of maintenance. Your leather sofa, a symbol of timeless sophistication, awaits to grace your space with durability and effortless elegance. Trust in the resilience and care instructions, ensuring your investment in style stands the test of time.

Nurturing Longevity and Timeless Appeal Through Dedicated Care and Commitment

Maintaining both fabric and leather sofas is crucial, demanding diligence. Regular brushing and vacuuming are essential for fabric sofas, ensuring cleanliness. Leather sofas require periodic treatments with specialized products for sustained beauty. In essence, whether fabric or leather, both demand commitment and perseverance. We then advocate for conscientious care, guaranteeing your sofa’s longevity and continued allure. Uphold these practices, and your investment in comfort and style will stand resilient against the test of time.

In terms of pricing, it’s noteworthy that, generally, fabric sofas are more budget-friendly compared to their leather counterparts.

Tailored Elegance Pregno’s Pursuit of Personalized Luxury

Explore the Intersection of Style and Individuality with Fabio Pregno

Pregno, a renowned family business headquartered in Montagnana, Padua, Italy, has been shaping the world of furniture since its inception in 1970 by the visionary Tullio Pregno. Today, under the leadership of his son Fabio, Pregno continues to uphold its legacy of excellence and innovation. Join us as Fabio shares the remarkable journey behind this esteemed brand.

Navigating Through Fifty Years of Evolution

Over the span of half a century, Pregno has undergone numerous transformations, with the most significant occurring in the last fifteen years amidst shifts in the global market landscape. This period of change has endowed Pregno with remarkable versatility, enabling the company to adeptly address market demands and excel even in the face of complexity.

Artisanal Mastery: an Unrivaled Excellence

Pregno stands out for its exceptional dedication to painting and finishing, a cornerstone of the company’s expertise. This renowned craftsmanship extends beyond its own products, as Pregno also provides third-party processing services to prominent brands in the industry. Fabio, emphasizing the artisanal touch, highlights that the most innovative finishes are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, resulting in each piece being uniquely crafted. This manual precision adds unparalleled value, catering to the discerning tastes of Pregno’s clientele. Clients turn to Pregno seeking bespoke products tailored to their exact specifications, both in construction and finishing touches.

Crafting Uniqueness: Pregno’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Pregno’s mission is clear: to craft something truly unique, tailored to each customer’s specific needs, seamlessly integrating into its surroundings. This dedication ensures that every piece satisfies the desires of those who entrust their vision to the company. Pregno not only prioritizes quality but also respects production timelines, ensuring a seamless experience for its valued clientele.

A Reflection of Personal Style

Bespoke furniture transcends mere functionality, becoming a canvas for personal expression. With Pregno’s expertise, spaces are transformed into tailored havens of comfort and beauty, reflecting the unique taste of each client. Every detail is meticulously crafted, ensuring not only impeccable aesthetics but also longevity and quality.

“We create something unique for our customers, something that perfectly fits in with its surroundings”

Fabio Pregno

A Remarkable Achievement

According to Fabio Pregno, one project stands out as a testament to the company’s capabilities: the representative offices of a leading electronics company in Hangzhou, China. Pregno undertook the project comprehensively, overseeing everything from the initial building renovations to the assembly of all furnishings, including those for an exquisite outdoor garden.

Pregno’s Ongoing Evolution

Fabio’s vision for Pregno’s future is clear: to tailor their offerings to customers’ needs just like a perfectly fitted suit. The company is steadfastly moving in this direction, aligning with market demands while preserving its heritage of craftsmanship. Looking ahead, Pregno aims to meet the growing demand for customized finishes and fittings, as well as provide innovative technological solutions.

Milan Design Week 2024

The quickening heartbeat, the palpable excitement in the air, and the scent of creativity that filled every corner of the city – that was our adventure at Milan Design Week 2024. A journey beyond the ordinary, where design and friendship intertwined in an unforgettable embrace, turning each moment into a profoundly meaningful and inspiring experience. 

A Global Union of Friendship and Collaboration 

In the bustling heart of Milan, the world came together in a warm and universal embrace. Beyond borders and linguistic barriers, a part of our Italian team, comprised of Filippo Salbini, Francesco Ferrara, Roberta Apuleo, and Alfonso Mellone, welcomed, gathered, and guided over 20 friends from every corner of the globe under the banner of friendship. Clients, designers, developers, and other industry professionals from the United States, Sweden, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, and China: an extraordinary map of friendship drawn in the colors of diversity. And then, on an enchanted evening, the frenetic rhythm of daily life paused, making room for a dinner illuminated by laughter, sharing, and genuine joy. A moment of pure connection that made tangible the universal power of friendship and collaboration. 

Salone del Mobile.Milano: Epicenter of Global Design 

Among the stands that dotted the Salone del Mobile.Milano, we embarked on a journey through the peaks of global design. Guided by passion and curiosity, we explored the extraordinary creations of industry-leading companies, each a precious gem in the vast crown of design. Every booth, a story to be told, an emotion to be experienced, and a heartfelt thank you for contributing to the beauty of the world around us. Accompanying our friends, we offered them an exclusive preview of the latest creations at the stands of our top High-Quality suppliers

  • MisuraEmme
  • Baxter
  • Lema
  • Exteta
  • Paolo Castelli
  • Francesco Molon
  • Vismara
  • Impatia
  • Rugiano
  • Longhi
  • Carpanelli
  • Boca Do Lobo
  • Tacchini
  • Miniforms
  • Molteni
  • Fiam
  • De Sede
  • Desalto

FuoriSalone 2024: Exploring Excellence in the Heart of Milan 

In the lively streets of Milan, we discovered the pulsating heart of design: sacred places where aesthetics and functionality merge in perfect harmony. We breathed in the very essence of Italian design, letting inspiration guide us on a timeless journey. Among the lights of the most prestigious showrooms, we visited the iconic venues of the most prestigious brands such as: 

  • Agape
  • Valcucine
  • Modulnova
  • Giorgetti
  • Amura
  • Rugiano
  • Boffi
  • Roche Bobois
  • Gallotti&Radice

The Grand Tour of Design: Discovering Excellence 

The pinnacle of our experience was The Grand Tour of Design, an epic journey organized with Atlas Concorde. On April 19th, we moved to Emilia Romagna for a guided tour of this extraordinary globally significant company. In Atlas Concorde’s grand showroom, we had the opportunity to explore their exclusive collections, admiring the greatness, professionalism, and enthusiasm that characterize this extraordinary company.

And as we all dined together, we strengthened the bonds of friendship and respect that unite us indissolubly.

But it didn’t end there: we then moved to Maranello for a tour of the Ferrari Museum. Here, we had an extraordinary experience, being able to admire not only Ferrari’s iconic cars but also trophies, Formula One cars, engines, and other breathtaking design gems.

Thank You for an Unforgettable Edition and a Preview of Milan Design Week 2025 

We sincerely thank everyone who made this magical adventure possible: friends, clients, and partners. Your support, companionship, and passion are the lifeblood that fuels our commitment to design.

With hearts full of gratitude, we eagerly await the next chapter of our story at Milan Design Week 2025. A new chapter of emotions, inspirations, and friendship, ready to be written with the same fervent passion as always.

Excellence in Form Women in Luxury Furniture Design

A Captivating Conversation with Giada Vismara on the Impact and Aspirations of Women on International Women’s Day

Half of the team at Vismara Design, a company based in Brianza, in Lombardy, northern Italy, specialising in luxury home entertainment furniture, are women. That’s why, in order to celebrate this International Women’s Day, we engage in a compelling conversation with Giada Vismara, the Sales & Marketing Manager, to talk about the status of women in the luxury furniture industry.

Crafting Excellence Through Unique Strengths

In the company she represents, the concentration of women is a deliberate and strategic choice, that stems from the belief that women bring unique strengths to both creative and managerial aspects of the luxury furniture industry. Despite prevailing clichés, women at Vismara thrive in collaborative environments, characterized by effective communication and superior problem-solving skills. Giada emphasizes the agility and practicality innate to women when seeking solutions, a trait crucial in meeting the demanding standards of the luxury industry clientele. In facing challenges, women seem to exhibit resilience, persisting until a comprehensive solution is achieved. Giada underscores the significance of these qualities in meeting the discerning needs of customers who demand exceptional quality and specialized assistance. Attention to detail also plays a special role, however, for Vismara and anyone working in this field, and Giada ardently asserts that women, by nature, surpass their male counterparts in this regard. Their ability to finely tune into intricate details positions them not only as contributors but as leaders in achieving excellence in the luxury furniture industry.

Women’s Rising Influence Across Borders

The remarkable prevalence of women in the luxury furniture industry is, therefore, not a mere coincidence but a compelling trend gaining momentum each passing year. Women are increasingly assuming pivotal roles, shaping the landscape of architecture firms and forming all-female teams within. This transformative shift is particularly prominent on the international stage, where encounters with women are more prevalent, not only in sales offices and showrooms but also in influential top management positions.

Women’s Mastery

While acknowledging the complexity of individual differences, an intriguing trend surfaces when exploring the dynamic between men and women in the luxury furniture realm. It appears that, in this specific domain, women exhibit a heightened sensitivity to interior design aesthetics, an enhanced dedication to customer service, and a flair for creativity. This nuanced observation challenges preconceived notions, illustrating the multifaceted strengths that women bring to the forefront. For Vismara this industry is unequivocally a very feminine world. Here, women not only excel but thrive, shaping an environment where their innate qualities contribute significantly.

“The promptness and concreteness in seeking solutions are typical of women, who do not falter at the first obstacles but strive to solve the problem thoroughly.”

Giada Vismara

Navigating the Gender Gap

In certain instances, the gender gap remains notably entrenched. Giada Vismara sheds light on this reality within her Brianza, the industrial hub where manufacturing leadership has historically been male-dominated. Despite strides, women in this business often find themselves navigating an arduous path, necessitating a threefold effort to attain parity with their male counterparts. And the manufacturing domain’s deeply rooted, established attitudes pose hurdles, requiring a concerted effort to instigate change. This reality not only impacts the current workforce but also risks deterring aspiring young women from pursuing careers in this field. However, only by recognising and addressing the complexities surrounding gender inequalities do we pave the way for a more equitable future.

A Shared Desire: Harmony in Equality

On this International Women’s Day, we resonate with Giada Vismara’s heartfelt wish for women worldwide. Her aspiration, shared by our collective voice, advocates for the fundamental principle of equality, urging that women be recognized as equals to their male counterparts in every professional sphere. As we celebrate the achievements of women and their indispensable contributions, it’s imperative to foster an environment where talent, expertise, and dedication transcend gender biases. The wish is therefore a collective effort to break down barriers, inspire positive change and create a world where the potential of every woman is fully realised and appreciated.

Marta Delgado Designer

Discover Marta Delgado’s Creations that Transform Spaces with Elegance, Simplicity and Responsibility

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with the talented designer Marta Delgado. At Marta Delgado Studio, innovation is imperative, a vital energy that turns every obstacle into an opportunity. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Marta seized the moment to establish her own venture just when the world paused due to Covid-19, demonstrating extraordinary adaptability and resilience.

Marta Delgado Studio’s Mission

The primary purpose of her company is to design pieces with a strong character capable of making a difference in any environment. That’s why Marta Delgado has chosen to work closely with a small group of artisans, whom she herself describes as “extraordinary,” helping her give life and shape to her ideas.

Inspiration and Philosophy

Sculpture, architecture, geometry, graphics, areas that have always sparked Marta’s interest, are the same from which she draws inspiration for her creations. “I am very inspired by details and changes in scale,” whether it’s spaces, jewelry, books, or magazines, for her, awake and open to the World, History, Culture, and Time, the sources of inspiration seem to be infinite.

Marta Delgado

“When we add objects to people’s lives, to the economy, and essentially to the planet, I think there is a huge responsibility.”

Marta Delgado

Marta Delgado’s ideas embody simplicity, honesty, beauty, quality, importance, and resilience. That’s why the pieces, crafted in Portugal in small artisanal workshops, have the prerogative of lasting for generations with proper maintenance. Marta herself describes her creations as “aesthetically contemporary yet made with timeless materials.”

In the context of the role of women in the world of design, Marta Delgado argues that design takes on a new dimension when voice transforms into culture through interaction with others. Her experience confirms that skills vary from individual to individual, emphasizing that gender is not a determining factor. “I appreciate women who thrive in a complex balance of work and personal life, multitasking with grace under pressure,” Marta says. Furthermore, she argues that all sectors would greatly benefit from greater diversity among owners, CEOs, leaders, and managers.

Marta’s Iconic Creations

Her designs are intended for practical use by any user, whether it be a family, hotel guests, someone dining in a restaurant, or even people working in a company. Primarily, her products are chosen by interior designers, architects, art galleries, buyers, and clients, both for Residential and Contract Projects.

Among Marta Delgado Studio’s most representative collections are the Divergent Sofa, a very captivating piece in a category where it’s difficult to design unique pieces, the Sequence Mirror for its simplicity and jewelry-like atmosphere, and last but not least, the Equation Coffee Table, which is, according to Marta herself, the most challenging piece to produce.

Divergent Sofa and Equation Coffee Table by Marta Delgado
Divergent Sofa and Equation Coffee Table by Marta Delgado
Sequence Mirror by Marta Delgado
Sequence Mirror by Marta Delgado

The Future

The startup’s life is on the rise, and the outlook is to expand the collection with new projects, always respecting the company’s values, so that more and more interior designers from around the world choose to use Marta Delgado Studios’ creations in their projects.

Ottaviano Borgonovo Tells Us about The Art of Creating Iconic Spaces with a Sustainable Vision

At the heart of MisuraEmme lie values of commitment, dedication, and cooperation, led by Ottaviano Borgonovo, the leader and third generation of the company. This legacy is deeply influenced by Ottaviano’s revered mother, Tiziana Mascheroni, who passed away in 1991, and whose testament can be seen at the entrance of the company’s headquarters in Mariano Comense, in the province of Como, Northern Italy.

MisuraEmme places primary importance on the care and conservation of our planet. A pioneer in environmental responsibility, the company has obtained the prestigious Aquaver certificate as the first to invest in water-based painting, exemplified by the revered 0001 mark from ANVER.

Renowned for product customisation, meticulous attention to detail, and the use of high-quality materials, MisuraEmme stands out as a pioneer in the high-end market, driven by its flagship product, the “Palo Alto” night system.

Ottaviano is determined about the future: to continue with steadfastness, supporting the family business with unwavering commitment and passion. The legacy forged by MisuraEmme is a testament to its authoritative position in the industry, built on a foundation of respect, expertise, and enthusiasm.

Thanks to Lucrezia Radice for her extraordinary collaboration! 😊

Ambra Vismara’s passion unveils the soul of a family-owned legacy, embracing beauty, progress, and a visionary future.

Respect, wellbeing, and innovation stand as the cornerstone values guiding Vismara Design, a distinguished company nestled in Seveso, within the northern Italian province of Monza Brianza.

Ambra Vismara, Export Manager and a pivotal force in the third generation of this family-owned enterprise, escorts us through the rich tapestry of the company’s history.

For Ambra, the pursuit of beauty has always been an intrinsic part of her identity, making her a natural fit for a career within this realm where she radiates energy and passion.

Amidst the accomplishments already achieved, Vismara Design is set on reaching new milestones. The imminent inauguration of an expansive production plant and showroom, slated for completion by the close of 2024, is a testament to the company’s commitment to continual growth and advancement.

This strategic expansion is poised to enable concurrent work on multiple projects, ultimately optimizing processing times. The envisioned developments not only underscore Vismara Design’s authority and expertise but also signify a pledge to fostering an environment where innovation thrives, setting the stage for an even more remarkable future.

Special thanks to Giada Vismara for her amazing support!😊

Pietro Maggi introduces us to the brand where you can rest.

Will to grow more and more, without ever forgetting its origins, to which it owes the characteristics that make it unique: Sales Manager Pietro Maggi tells us about the Amura brand, welcoming us inside the showroom in the centre of Milan, Italy.

As soon as you enter you can feel a warm atmosphere. Colours and lines evoke the special land of the Murgia, in Apulia, southern Italy, from which the name and history of this company are derived.

In Japanese Amura means precisely the love for one’s own land, where the brand has left its production headquarters, thus giving jobs to the many local artisans.

Amura is working, therefore, for a future in which sustainability becomes the focus of everyone’s purchasing decisions. A future in which man’s respect for the environment is central.

For, as contemporary Italian poet Franco Armino writes and the brand’s website states, “Love for places is the best medicine in the world”.

The Enchanting Journey of Lapis

Lapis is the astonishing “concept living” conceived by Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristell for Amura, with the aim of reconnecting humanity to nature. It is Mother Earth herself that gives life to these modular elements, whose forms have been shaped and softened over time, emerging almost spontaneously from ancient cobblestones. “Lapis” can assume infinite dimensions and combinations, adapting to spaces and needs, ranging from classic and traditional shapes to free and irregular compositions.

The padding, made of memory foam, ensures incredible resilience and maintains its shape over time. It is a design that, in its simplicity, is imbued with refined complexity, reclaiming the concept of time as a fundamental element for human well-being.

Thanks to Carmen Zavettieri for her valuable collaboration! 😊

From the beginning shock to the passion for his work, Alberto Rugiano tells about the family business.

It’s hard to believe, but there was a time when Alberto Rugiano didn’t want to set foot in his company.

He was just a child at the time, whereas today at the Mariano Comense headquarters, in the province of Como, Italy, we meet a young man and entrepreneur, enthusiastic about his work and determined to carry on the business bearing his surname.

Alberto, who now oversees the company’s commercial strategies, created his first collection at the age of twelve.

Back then, he spent his free days with his father Luigi in the production departments, unknowingly becoming passionate about what would become his job.

“Rugiano transforms dreams into matter” and begins from the choice of materials.

For its creations, the company chooses noble metals such as bronze, brass and steel and uses the finest leathers and fabrics.

At Rugiano, craftsmanship plays a central role: in fact, we find those who work and decorate leather, those who shape metal, those who embroider textiles and those who do cabinet-making.

Attention to detail, research into new materials and reinterpretation of classic ones result in timeless pieces of design and make the company worldwide recognisable.

Alberto has no doubts about the path taken by the company: products with clean, contemporary design, without losing sight of the attention to detail and the origin of the brand.

Rugiano means “fashionable today, but also in 50 years” and the secret of this company, explains Alberto proudly, is in people.

‘Cause no matter how the technology evolves, there are things that can only be done by human hands.

Bespoke joinery: from the idea to your dream environment

Here it is the art of customised joinery systems, where each modular element comes to life to meet individual needs.

Welcome to the exciting world of custom joinery, where incredible opportunities for customisation open up to you. We thought of involving our fantastic Expert of Joinery Modularity, Roberta Apuleo, in order to make this journey even more interesting and instructive. She has 39 years of experience in the furniture industry and specialises in designing modular systems.

Bespoke Joinery in practice

Bespoke joinery is a customised approach to designing and creating interior furnishings to meet specific needs and individual preferences. It’s known for its customisation, quality, adaptability, exclusivity and design flexibility. It can cover a wide range of interior design elements, including kitchens, bathroom vanties, bookcases, wardrobes and more.

Narcisse wardrobe

Customisation is the Answer

The main features of bespoke joinery include customisation. Thanks to it, every element of the joinery, from the size to the materials, from the finishes to the arrangement of components, can be customised to perfectly suit the space and taste of the customer. This adaptability allows detailed design to solve specific space, functionality and style requirements in a wide range of situations, from private residences to commercial spaces.

The joinery is therefore ideal if you’re looking for exclusivity and flexibility, as each piece is unique and you’ll enjoy an environment that stands out for its originality, attention to detail and aesthetic vision.

Example of Industrial Joinery: Crossing

Crossing by MisuraEmme, designed by Mauro Lipparini, is a cutting-edge joinery solution that seamlessly combines form and function. Its modular panels allow for flexible wall-mounted shelving, offering complete adjustability along three axes for endless configuration possibilities. Crossing offers various module types and sizes, including units with different door styles and drawers. It comes in two versions: Fusion for a modern look and Listellare for a warmer ambiance. Its integrated LED lighting system adds elegance, making it a versatile and stylish storage solution.

Artisan and Industrial Quality

Both craft and industry can be used to make customised furniture, offering unique and functional solutions for living space. The choice depends on individual needs, but in both cases, the goal remains to create a unique and functional space that reflects one’s personality and style.

However, when we talk about bespoke joinery, you’re often led to think only about a handcrafted product and you might find it difficult to associate the process with an industry. Instead, there are now furniture companies capable of creating extraordinary tailor-made designs, adapted to the customer’s specific needs, with the added technology and perfection of industry.

Manufacturing Processes

The individual craftsman and industry only have in common their first approach to work, which is the design of the product you want to make. From now on, the craftsman will work on the single piece by hand, while industry can move on to the study of the most suitable materials for the manufacture and use of the specific product, focusing on the various possibilities of composing the individual elements to best realise the project. Finally, the industry will offer you a wide choice of finishes to choose from, including timber veneer or laquer, both glossy and matt, or HPL, high pressure laminate, which are now endless. Not least, you can even think about customising the hardware.

Once approval is obtained, the project goes to the production engineers who determine the feasibility and delivery time.

If you rely on an industry for customised work, you’ll first of all have the guarantee of programmable and well-defined delivery times. In addition, the company itself will have world-class designers and advanced production technologies at its disposal.

The Crucial Importance of Material Selection

In the industrial context, the precise selection of materials plays a pivotal role. Alongside the wide array of available finishes, the industry carefully adopts chipboard or plywood depending on specific design and structural needs.
Conversely, master craftsmen in carpentry, for similar projects, mainly uses MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) for its ease of manual work, despite being aware of the resulting compromises in terms of quality, added weight, and increased vulnerability to moisture, with the consequent risk of deformation.

Another notable distinction lies in the industry’s capability to masterfully combine different materials, as exemplified, for instance, in the acclaimed “Palo Alto” project by MisuraEmme. This system skillfully integrates and alternates glass and metal to create a fully customizable system, successfully challenging the boundaries of the artisanal context.

Undertaking projects with specific dimensions and complexity would prove exceedingly challenging, if not nearly impossible, for an artisan to achieve the same quality standards while simultaneously maintaining competitiveness in terms of the quality-price ratio. Consequently, the industry unquestionably represents the most advantageous choice for those whose priorities center around customization paired with maximum quality and the best possible price.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to benefit from a much broader and more professional view of your finished product, resulting from the collaboration of several professionals specialised in the field.

Craftsmanship at the Core

Thanks to the big brands that have kept craftsmanship at the core of their production processes, you can rely on the custom joinery industry without losing anything, but rather gaining in terms of quality standards. So forget the mass-produced stuff and get ready to receive a customised product with all the industry guarantees.

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