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Pietra di Luserna

From northern Italy to the whole world: birth and evolution of an extraordinary designer stone.

Exquisite, robust, enduring, and steeped in nearly half a century of history.

Imagine a material that can effortlessly span both expansive landscapes and intimate spaces – that’s Pietra di Luserna. This geological marvel is a type of Gneiss, a layered metamorphic rock, extracted from the heart of Italy’s central-western Piedmont region, nestled within the breathtaking Cottian Alps.

While its origins trace back to the 17th century in this region, Pietra di Luserna’s allure transcended borders in the late 1960s, captivating the world stage with its versatile attributes tailor-made for diverse sectors.

Pioneering Applications of Pietra di Luserna

In its early days, Pietra di Luserna graced the mining epicenter with its presence. It adorned Piedmontese royal palaces with external pavements and sheltered the iconic Mole Antonelliana in Turin under its slate-like roof.

Modern-Day Marvels with Pietra di Luserna

Evolution is the hallmark of Pietra di Luserna’s journey – from manual craftsmanship to the synergy of mechanical ingenuity. This transformation has catapulted its applications into the realm of boundless possibilities. Today, grand public and private architectural visions come to life with ease.

Contemporary applications of this wondrous stone span a spectrum of creativity. Be it outdoor walkways, ornate balconies, regal staircases, structural facades, majestic portals, cascading fountains, or the elegant edging of pools – Pietra di Luserna is a versatile muse. Yet its charm doesn’t end there; it gracefully finds a place in the heart of homes, adorning fireplaces, gracing kitchen countertops, embellishing sinks, and becoming an integral part of bathroom aesthetics.

Distinctive Attributes of Pietra di Luserna

Within its very essence lies a trio of enchanting traits – malleability, elegance in simplicity, and an inherent slip-resistant nature. Yet, Pietra di Luserna’s allure goes deeper. As a product of Mother Earth, its natural thermal conductivity ensures that it’s not just a building material; it’s a contributor to energy efficiency. Incorporating this stone into building facades translates to tangible energy savings, creating an ecosystem of sustainability.

In a world where history and innovation intertwine, Pietra di Luserna stands as a testament to timelessness, a symbol of the past, present, and future converging seamlessly in the embrace of its enduring splendor.

Credits: Photographs courtesy of Beltramo Fratelli and Roberto Garbarini.

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