Salbini Tour: Australia 2012-2019

Our business trips to Australia, from 2012 to 2019.

We collaborate with architects, builders, designers, suppliers and customers, staying in constant contact during all phases of the projects, from the initial idea to the final realization, up to after-sales support. This is why a very important aspect of our business is the possibility to visit Australia regularly to discuss with clients about their projects. Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our manager Filippo has been many times in Australia since 2012, sharing sometimes this experience with our other Managers.

During the trips our team spent many days in strict contact with our agents and our customers. They feel more confident when they can discuss face-to-face with our managers. Moreover, a lot of them have become our friends thanks to these meetings. It’s a pleasure for us.

We’re so happy to have improved our business and gained new friends.

Australia feels like home to us!