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Salbini Tour Australia February-March 2024

A journey through Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide: sharing projects, warm encounters, and new collaborations in the heart of Australia.

We’re thrilled to share the tale of our recent journey to Australia, an adventure that enriched our spirits and perspectives. From 23rd February to 16th March 2024, we had the privilege of revisiting four of the continent’s most vibrant and culturally rich cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

As an integral part of our annual calendar, this trip to Australia is a cornerstone for a segment of our Italian team.

During this visit, we passionately delved into exploring residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, both ongoing and completed, in which we are involved as suppliers.

Each encounter was an opportunity to draw inspiration and share ideas and perspectives for the future, thus enriching our pool of experiences.

But what truly makes this experience extraordinary has always been the opportunity to meet the exceptional individuals who animate our professional world. Partners, collaborators, agents, and clients are not just business contacts; they are friends, they are family. The warm welcome we receive in Australia has always been astounding, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

For us all, Australia is like a second home. Every time we return, it feels as if we are reuniting with dear old friends. The laughter, the stimulating conversations, and the shared experiences create bonds that transcend geographical boundaries.

We sincerely thank all those who opened their doors and hearts to us during this journey. Your kindness deeply moved us, and the memories of these precious moments will be etched in our hearts.

Looking ahead, we are filled with confidence and determination. This journey has been another remarkable chapter in our story, but we know that the best is yet to come. We look forward to returning to Australia and continuing to build together a bright and successful future.

Our Italian team will be meeting with partners, collaborators, agents, and clients and forging new collaborations in four vibrant Australian cities.

With great joy, we announce our the next and exciting trip, which will once again take us to the magical land of Oz! These trips are a tradition for our Salbini team, and from the 23rd of February to the 16th of March 2024, we’ll immerse ourselves once again in the enchanting Australian territory, ready not only to strengthen ties with our valued partners, collaborators, and clients, but also to reunite with friends who always warmly welcome us!

This isn’t merely a business transaction trip; it’s an adventure that propels us to explore, create, and connect. From the heart of Italy, we proudly bring forth some of Europe’s most prestigious design brands, spreading not only excellent products but also a distinctive style that sets us apart on the international stage.

The four cities awaiting us – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide – are not just points on a map but boundless sources of inspiration and creativity. Through these metropolises, we’ll delve into ongoing and completed projects, sharing ideas and visions for future projects already in the pipeline, where we’ll provide appliances, furniture, and lighting.

But our journey doesn’t stop there. We’ve already mapped out a portion of our route, setting up meetings with industry luminaries, ready to forge new synergies and partnerships that will guide us towards the future.

If you too wish to be part of this extraordinary experience, don’t hesitate to book a meeting with us in Sydney or Melbourne to discuss your residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

Spots are limited, so hurry up!

Book your slot and join us!

Click here to book now in your city!

Let your passion join ours as we share our visions and commitment to excellence.

Heartfelt thanks for your support and trust. Australia is already awaiting us with open arms… see you soon!

Salbini Tour: Australia October 2023

An Adventure Down Under – Salbini in Australia and Beyond!

We are thrilled to share with you our second visit to Australia this year, during which a selected team from Salbini had the privilege of exploring the Australian continent. At Salbini, we hold a deep love for this wondrous land, and every opportunity to visit it is an extraordinary experience for us.

In October 2023, a part of our Italian team embarked on a trip to Australia to further strengthen our bonds with partners, agents, collaborators, and clients. The feeling of being “at home” never leaves us in this marvelous land.

In Australia, our team traveled through three of the country’s most captivating cities: Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Here, we shared our passion and enthusiasm with influential architects, builders, interior designers, removalists, and many other industry professionals. These meetings further solidified our relationships within the Australian community.

This journey also afforded us the chance to admire the tangible results of our commitment: We supplied furniture, lighting, and appliances for significant projects that had just been completed, and we had the pleasure of visiting them in person. This filled us with pride for our contribution to the creation of welcoming and exceptional spaces.

Additionally, we explored new project sites that are currently underway. These new challenges promise to be equally exceptional, and we are eagerly anticipating seeing how they develop in 2024.

We hope that the following images capture the essence of our experience in Australia.

P.S. While a part of our team was in Australia, the rest of the team was hard at work in Italy, intensely involved in planning and executing crucial projects worldwide. Meanwhile, our marketing team was present in Monza Brianza, the heart of high-quality Italian furniture, where they had the privilege of meeting important suppliers and premium partners in person. These meetings further strengthened the bonds we share with those who, like us, are passionate about extraordinary interior design.

Salbini Australian Trip October 2023

It’s time for the big announcement!

A part of our Italian team is preparing to travel to Australia and excitement is running high!

From 5th to 31st October 2023 we will visit some of the most lovely and captivating cities in the land of Oz: SydneyBrisbane and Melbourne.

Are you ready to be a part of this one-of-a-kind experience? An absolute opportunity awaits you to connect directly with our experts, and we can’t wait to meet you in person!

Throughout this visit, we’ll have the pleasure of catching up with agentsclients, and Aussie partners, including visionary architects, passionate builders, creative interior designers, and top-notch project managers

We’ll be dishing out the deets and keeping you in the loop about our ongoing residentialcommercial, and hospitality projects.

If you’re keen to speak to the Italian team in person during this exciting visit, we think you should book your slot through the links below.

Spots are limited, so hurry up!

Book your slot in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne and join us!

Click here to book now in your city!

We’re very excited to have you join our Australian adventure. It’s an opportunity to strengthen our bonds and create something amazing together.

Thank you for your unwavering trust and support.

See you in Australia!

Salbini Tour England April 2023

Our managers Filippo Salbini and Scott Wilson went to London to meet some partners.

It was also the right opportunity to further expand the network of European supplier brands.

We will be back England soon!

Salbini Tour Australia March 2023

Last March we had the pleasure to spend five weeks in Australia: in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Back to Australia

After the last Salbini tour in October 2022, a part of our Italian team travelled to Australia again this March, to meet our Australian managers, customers, partners and friends.

It’s always a great opportunity to follow the development of our customer’s projects.

Salbini Tour Australia October 2022

With great pleasure we spent three weeks in Australia: in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hamilton Island. Meeting old and new customers and friends is always a great joy for us.

Back to Australia

After the Salbini tour last march, a part of our Italian team travelled to Australia again this October, to meet our Australian managers, customers and partners for the second time in a year. Having this opportunity was very important to follow the development of our customers’ projects, and even more important was meeting some friends we respect and love.


The days spent in Sydney were very productive.

We discussed lots of important details for the ongoing projects. Having the occasion of helping our customers make the best decision for their homes is very important.

Hunter and co. October 2022

Hunter & Co.

We also visited our partner Hunter and Co., which offers a premium white gloves Removalist service and storage for our clients. It was an opportunity to discuss some progressing projects and have a look at some of our customers’ goods stored in their facilities.


In Melbourne we had the opportunity to visit some construction sites to define the details of some projects in process.


We spent a few days in Brisbane to define the details of David and Linda’s residential project, who visited us in Italy last June during the Salone del Mobile Milano 2022.


What a great Hamilton Island Experience!

After visiting Brisbane to take care of the details of an project in progress, during this Salbini tour we were guests of our clients David and Linda in Hamilton Island.

It was wonderful! It was our first time in this beautiful place, surrounded by nature.

David and Linda will carry out another project with us, right on this wonderful island and we are thrilled to be able to do it! It is so exciting to know new places and touch the places where our products will be used.

Meetings between friends

Not just business meetings. Visiting Australia allows us to meet some friends with whom we like to spend time in freedom.

Scott Wilson and Filippo Salbini with Richard Coen
Family evening. Scott Wilson and Filippo Salbini with Richard Coen.
Filippo Salbini and Jeff Lipman
Morning run by Filippo Salbini and Jeff Lipman from Bondy to Bronte Beach.

Filippo Salbini, Leon Kamenev, Ronnie Shulkin, Jeff Lipman and Scott Wilson.
A pleasant evening for dinner. In the photo from left: Filippo Salbini, Leon Kamenev, Ronnie Shulkin, Jeff Lipman and Scott Wilson.
Filippo Salbini, Shira Said, Scott Wilson, David Redfern e Linda Gorry.
Filippo Salbini, Sheira Said, Scott Wilson, David Redfern and Linda Gorry in the beautiful Hamilton Island.
Filippo Salbini and Scott Wilson with Nicholas Mosca and Frank Mosca
Aperitif time! Filippo Salbini and Scott Wilson with Nicholas Mosca and Frank Mosca.
Filippo Salbini with Ross Madden, Ben Smith and Katy Demos.
Ice cream break! Filippo Salbini with Ross Madden, Ben Smith and Kathy Demos.
Zana Pali and Mark Spinosa
Hi! Zana Pali and Mark Spinosa
Salbini Tour Australia March 2022

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work. Not having the opportunity to travel has been frustrating.

Back to Australia

Finally, after 3 years, a part of our Italian team was able to travel to Australia this March, to meet our Australian managers, customers and partners.

This has been a very important step.

With great enthusiasm, we spent three weeks in Australia: in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

We visited 70 industries, designers, architects, developers and builders.

We had the opportunity to meet old and new customers and friends with whom we discussed their projects in every detail. On the other hand, we also enjoyed time together as friends, having dinner, going to concerts and having fun.

What a pleasure!


This trip was very productive.

We spent 10 days in Sydney, meeting lots of customers, discussing old and new projects. This is very important for our customers because they feel confident when they can discuss such big project sin every detail; at the same time it’s crucial for us to make the all process smooth.

Bondi Penthouse

Among the many projects we visited, we also went to Bondi Beach to visit our Bondi Penthouse project.


While we were staying in Melbourne, we had the chance to go to Delta Goodrem’s concert. She is a famous Australian singer, and we are lucky to have her among our friends.

We also spent a day supervising “Cesar cucine” installation and visiting La Monte tiles. With Over 35 years experience in the Ceramic and Tile Industry, La Monte Tiles is renowned for Quality and Reliability.

Salbini Tour Asia 2012 2019

Our business trips to Asia, from 2012 to 2019. 

We are Salbini, we are Design Worldwide.

Australia is our main market but we have also grown in other markets, such as Asia. This is why our manager Filippo has also been in Asia since 2012.

That’s a very important aspect of our job, as customers feel more confident in this way.

During the trips he spent many days in strict contact with our agents and our customers.

We’re so happy to have reached this new market and gained new friends in Asia.




Salbini Tour: Australia 2012-2019

Our business trips to Australia, from 2012 to 2019.

We collaborate with architects, builders, designers, suppliers and customers, staying in constant contact during all phases of the projects, from the initial idea to the final realization, up to after-sales support. This is why a very important aspect of our business is the possibility to visit Australia regularly to discuss with clients about their projects. Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our manager Filippo has been many times in Australia since 2012, sharing sometimes this experience with our other Managers.

During the trips our team spent many days in strict contact with our agents and our customers. They feel more confident when they can discuss face-to-face with our managers. Moreover, a lot of them have become our friends thanks to these meetings. It’s a pleasure for us.

We’re so happy to have improved our business and gained new friends.

Australia feels like home to us!