Salbini Tour: Australia October 2023

An Adventure Down Under – Salbini in Australia and Beyond!

We are thrilled to share with you our second visit to Australia this year, during which a selected team from Salbini had the privilege of exploring the Australian continent. At Salbini, we hold a deep love for this wondrous land, and every opportunity to visit it is an extraordinary experience for us.

In October 2023, a part of our Italian team embarked on a trip to Australia to further strengthen our bonds with partners, agents, collaborators, and clients. The feeling of being “at home” never leaves us in this marvelous land.

In Australia, our team traveled through three of the country’s most captivating cities: Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Here, we shared our passion and enthusiasm with influential architects, builders, interior designers, removalists, and many other industry professionals. These meetings further solidified our relationships within the Australian community.

This journey also afforded us the chance to admire the tangible results of our commitment: We supplied furniture, lighting, and appliances for significant projects that had just been completed, and we had the pleasure of visiting them in person. This filled us with pride for our contribution to the creation of welcoming and exceptional spaces.

Additionally, we explored new project sites that are currently underway. These new challenges promise to be equally exceptional, and we are eagerly anticipating seeing how they develop in 2024.

We hope that the following images capture the essence of our experience in Australia.

P.S. While a part of our team was in Australia, the rest of the team was hard at work in Italy, intensely involved in planning and executing crucial projects worldwide. Meanwhile, our marketing team was present in Monza Brianza, the heart of high-quality Italian furniture, where they had the privilege of meeting important suppliers and premium partners in person. These meetings further strengthened the bonds we share with those who, like us, are passionate about extraordinary interior design.