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Global logistics chain: the effects of the pandemic

How the Covid-19 pandemic affected the supply chain around the world. The Covid-19 outbreak The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a crisis of the global supply chain: ships stuck at sea, warehouses overflowing, trucks without drivers. Businesses across the economy struggled to hire workers and they have reacted to shortages by ordering […]

The sinuous anatomy of nature in Michael Sean Stolworthy’s design

Michael Sean Stolworthy’s unique style is characterized by sinuous shapes inspired by nature in a continuous exploration of forms. Who is Michael Sean Stolworthy Michael is an internationally acclaimed designer. After earning a degree in Media Arts and 3-D Animation, Michael decides to move away from the world of corporate design and to fully explore […]

How does the warranty on appliances imported from Europe to Australia work?

Photo by Tekton on Unsplash When buying appliances directly from Europe, as in the case of purchases made on Salbini, we need to clarify some points on the guarantee. With the information below, you will no longer have any doubts about how warranty works on European appliances imported to Australia. Responsibility of resellers and importers […]

“Sono Sicuro” Certificate by AICEL

We are proud to be part of Aicel’s group of accredited online stores. Our company works in full compliance with all the rules of e-commerce in full protection of the final consumer. The “Sono Sicuro” certificate. “Sono Sicuro” is the certification issued by AICEL (Italian Association of Electronic commerce) that distinguishes “healthy and virtuous” e-commerce […]