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Marelli: Atene collection designed by Luca Erba

Giulio Marelli is one the Made in Italy brands with whom we collaborate. We’ve had the opportunity to interview Luca Erba, the designer of the new Atene collection. Luca Erba He is an Italian architect and designer. Born in Brianza in 1984, in the heart of the furniture district, he graduated in Architecture at Politecnico […]

Vismara Design: luxury furniture for entertainment

Vismara Design was founded in 1950 by three brothers: Aldo, Enrico and Luigi, who had the same passion for furniture. The great turning point took place in the 90s, thanks to the visionary designer Pino Vismara, who created a new product concept: the CD and DVD cabinet.  “From this moment the brand acquired notoriety all […]

Salbini Experience: Scott Wilson from Australia

Scott Wilson is our commercial manager and agent in Australia. He came in Italy in June 2022 for the Salone del Mobile and then he visited Pagani, where we had the opportunity to interview him. “I love Italy and working with Italians… I like the beautiful people in the South”. His role He’s the commercial […]

Euro hits parity with the US dollar

The euro has suffered a swift and brutal slump this year, and now it has crossed a major threshold: for the first time in 20 years, the exchange rate between the euro and the US dollar has reached parity. The euro hasn’t been valued below $1 since July 15, 2002. It’s now below $1.01. What does it […]

B—Line brings to life some historical icons of Italian design furniture

B—Line is a company founded by Giorgio Bordin in 1999. It restores life to several historical icons of design on the Italian scenario: these are works that have disappeared over the years. Of the products re-edited the best-known is Joe Colombo’s famous Boby. Timeless collection The Timeless collection is dedicated to the greatest designers of […]

Salbini Experience: Chan Yoon from South Korea

Chan Yoon is our South Korea Manager and came to visit us in Italy in June 2022.  Before going to Milan together for the Salone del Mobile 2022, Chan was our guest in Southern Italy.  It was a pleasure meeting him and having the opportunity of interviewing him. He has been part of our family for […]

Ocean freight

More than 90 percent of the goods transported in the world are carried by ocean freight.   Businesses that deal with international shipments are always faced with the dilemma of choosing between Ocean freight and Air freight. Although the two serve the same purpose, they are poles apart in multiple ways. Choosing to use one over the other boils down to a significant […]

Salbini Tour: Australia March 2022

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work. Not having the opportunity to travel has been frustrating. Back to Australia Finally, after 3 years, a part of our Italian team was able to travel to Australia this March, to meet our Australian managers, customers and partners. This has been a very important […]

Carpanese Home: the philosophy of living

We have close cooperations, which allow us to offer customization possibilities, quick shipping and competitive prices. Among the best luxury brands with which we collaborate there is Carpanese Home Italia. Carpanese Home Italia In 1990, after a long experience gained in the production and processing of wood, Marco Bellani founded Carpanese Home Italia, with the goal to create the […]

How to import European products in Australia

Do you need to renovate your house, or create a new residential project with the best European luxury brands? Here’s how you can do it with our help! Online shopping On our Australian website, you can buy the goods you need, choosing among thousands of products from the best European brands. At checkout, after entering […]