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The CEA collections embrace a wide range of products from the bathroom to the kitchen, from outdoor to ventilation, forged with skill and foresight in stainless steel.

We visited CEA in September 2021, during our Salbini Experience by Tom Landry II.

Key Cucine

Sbabo Cucine is a Vicenza-based company among the first to bring the concept of custom-made kitchens to the market.

We visited it in December 2021, during our Salbini Experience by Tom Landy II.

Cesar Cucine

Cesar kitchens are totally Made in Italy, guaranteeing an internationally recognized level of excellence.

In September 2019 we visited the production plant in Pramaggiore, in the province of Venice, which has state-of-the-art technologies: most of the processes are concentrated here, in order to ensure direct control over each component in every single phase of the process.


Our visit to the Minacciolo production factory with showroom in Borgo Verde, in the province of Treviso – Italy.

Tag Archive for: Kitchen