Wood flooring: guide to contemporary choice that lasts forever

“Wood is a natural, noble and elegant material, suitable for various locations and different styles.”

To talk about it, we asked Marco Merolla, Sales Manager for Itlas and Expert in Wood Floors and Claddings for Salbini, who has been working in the wooden floor industry for twenty years.

Marco Merolla

“With its many qualities, timber floor improve life inside any home.”

If you want to buy a wood floor, you should first have a precise idea of the type you need

“All products are aesthetically pleasing, but it is important that you choose the product with the best technical features for your home.”

Itlas: “Tavole del Piave”

Don’t worry about maintenance and cleaning.

You’ll just have to use any vacuum cleaner and wash it with a little water and a neutral detergent.

“So, enjoy its comfort and forget about anything else!”